K1 Admission Arrangements Flowchart

2021/22 K1 Admission Arrangements Flowchart

Applicants apply to the EDB for
the Registration Certificate for KG admission (RC) from September to November 2020


KGs process
2021/22 K1 admission applications



Upon receipt of the applications with all necessary information and documents provided, the EDB will generally take six to eight weeks to complete processing of the applications and issue the RC/KG Admission Pass (AP) to applicants (Note 1) by post 


KGs inform applicants of the application result before 18 December 2020


If application is successful


If application is not successful


Applicants register with one KG during the Centralised Registration Dates
(i.e. 7 to 9 January 2021)
by submitting the RC/AP
and paying registration fee (Note 2) 


Applicants refer to the K1 vacancy information released by the EDB after the Centralised Registration Dates
(i.e. from late January 2021)




1. If parents cannot present the RC/AP to the KG their child has been admitted to during the Centralised Registration Dates, the KG concerned may not be able to complete registration for their child. Hence, parents are required to submit application to the EDB within the designated period.

2. If an applicant is admitted after the Centralised Registration Dates, he/she is still required to submit the RC/AP for registration.  If an applicant wishes to change school after registering with a KG, he/she is required to get back the   RC/AP from the KG with which he/she has registered.  Upon getting back the RC/AP from a KG, the KG concerned will no longer reserve the place for the applicant.  Normally, the registration fee paid to the KG with which the applicant has registered will not be refunded.