The SAHK ‘On-site preschool rehabilitation services’

Project Introduction

The SAHK ‘On-site preschool rehabilitation services’ aims to grasps the golden period of learning for students with special learning needs and provide them with appropriate rehabilitation services as soon as possible. The project is funded by the Social Welfare Department through the Lottery Fund, and the multi-professional team of the association provides on-site rehabilitation services for kindergartens, kindergartens&child care centres in the network.

Services are to be provided to:

  • Students who are enrolled in kindergartens associated with the association’s “FunLearn” project, and are on the waiting list for pre-school rehabilitation services* funded by Social Welfare Department
  • Parents and carers of the above-mentioned school children.
  • Our “FunLearn” scheme associated kindergartens’ staff members.

Early education and training centres, kindergartens&child care centres and Project for handicapped Children and Special Child Care Center.

Project Features

  • Zero Waiting – provide timely rehabilitation services for students who are currently waiting for pre-school rehabilitation services.
  • Zero Distance – Professionals visit the school and provide services, promote communication and collaboration with kindergartens, which saves parents and children from travelling to service centres.
  • Cross-team – members include social workers, psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and special kindergartens teachers.
  • Full participation – tailor-made school-based support services to provide consultation and training for teachers and support for parents.

Service Content

  • School Children – provide individual or group training to enhance students’ learning and application abilities in all aspects, and help students integrate and adapt to life on campus. 
  • Parents – provide educational activities, counselling, support and referral services to enable parents to cultivate students with special learning needs with a positive attitude and effective skills.
  • School – provide teachers with professional training, with consultations, lectures, workshops, etc., to strengthen teachers’ skills in teaching children with special learning needs, to achieve different teaching goals and create a friendly-inclusive campus.

Service fee

Free of charge

How to apply

  • If the child is studying in a kindergarten associated with the “FunLearn” scheme. Parents can be referred to the association by the kindergarten OR directly submit an application to the association. 
  • Parents must complete the application form designated by the Social Welfare Department and submit the original and copy together with the required supporting documents to the association for eligibility verification. Eligible applicants will be provided with related services.